Meals on Wheels Boulder

Looking to the Future

The City of Boulder and Meals on Wheels of Boulder have had a 25 year mutually-beneficial and supportive partnership at the West Senior Center. Since 2014, both parties have been planning for community changes that will impact the West Senior Center.

For the City, these changes include a new Civic Area and an update to Boulder’s Human Services Strategy, including co-location of senior services and family services in the West Boulder Senior Center. Concurrently, Meals on Wheels of Boulder has been working to identify new options and innovative opportunities for service growth. The visions of both entities going forward cannot be accommodated at the West Senior Center.

We are at capacity in our current facility. Boulder’s aging adult population is growing and the demand for our services will continue to grow. A new kitchen will help us efficiently meet growing demands for our services. At our new Meals on Wheels Market Place, we’ll have a state-of-the-art kitchen with plenty of workspace and storage, office areas and parking for our clients, volunteers and supporters. Our new home will serve the nutrition and well-being needs of a growing number of aging adults and those with chronic illnesses, severe disabilities and injuries well into the future.

Meals on Wheels Boulder


Meals on Wheels Boulder

Invest in Your Community

Construction began December 26th, 2018 and our move is being planned for the end of January 2020.

Meals on Wheels Boulder

Our building will be part of the new McKenzie Junction development in northeast Boulder. The total cost for the project is estimated to be $6.7 million. With land valued at $1.9 million generously donated by the project developer, our estimated construction costs are $4.8 million.

This new facility will be an investment in Boulder’s future. By 2030, 25% of Boulder’s population will be older than 60. We have the perfect opportunity to position ourselves to continue meeting the growing needs of the “invisible populations” we serve. We will be able to provide more services, more efficiently and with greater excellence and creativity than ever before.

Includes Name or Company
$1,000 – $5000 art piece
$10,000+ art piece and paver
$25,000+ art piece and large outdoor stone
$50,000+ art piece, large outdoor stone, indoor room
$100,000+ art piece, large outdoor stone, garden
$250,000+ art piece, large outdoor stone, kitchen
$1,000,000+ art piece, large outdoor stone, building

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$4,800,000$3,200,000Raised $3,200,000 towards the $4,800,000 target.67%

(Land Donation $1.9 million)

Mission and History

Prepared, delivered or served last year = 77,112 meals

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We feed a client for 1 year for the cost of 1 day in hospital

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36% of our clients cannot afford more than $1 per meal

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We provide healthful and high-quality meals to people who truly need them.

Meals on Wheels Boulder

We serve the lonely, isolated, often invisible members of our community who are not able to shop for or prepare their own meals. When our volunteer knocks on a client’s door to deliver a nutritious meal and a well-being check, our clients are able to maintain health longer, age in place in their own homes and enjoy improved quality of life, independence and dignity.

Each weekday, we deliver 250 fresh meals to our neighbors in the Boulder area. Frozen meals are available for weekends, too. A very unique feature of our service is that we can tailor meals according to our clients’ medical needs and dietary preferences. High protein, low sodium, diabetic friendly and heart healthy are just a few of the options we offer. In fact, nearly 80% of our home-delivered meals are customized for our clients!

125 volunteers pack and deliver 250 nutritious meals five days a week, drive more than 106,158 miles — donating well over 15,000 hours each year

Description of Fee Model

Meals on Wheels is independent and community-based. We don’t receive State or Federal Government funding for our work. Our clients do pay for their meals, using a sliding fee scale that is based on their income. Over 50% of our clients’ annual income is less than $20,000. 36% of our clients cannot afford more than $1 for their daily home-delivered meal.

Being a “people-funded” organization allows us to be flexible and innovative in many ways. But it also means we must look to our community to partner with us as we move forward into the future.


What if your father, a cherished aunt … or you … lived a life of loneliness and isolation? What if your inability to navigate transportation or technology kept you from fully participating in life? What is a shortage of finances or an inability to shop for and prepare your own food meant you might not be able to enjoy even one healthy meal each day? While Boulder is known as an affluent community, this would be the reality faced by many of our clients if Meals on Wheels didn’t exist.

When you help build for the future, you ensure many “invisible people” in Boulder won’t be invisible after all. You’ll change our corner of the world, one person, one meal, one hug, one interaction at a time. You’ll expand our community’s understanding of health, loneliness, wellness, dignity, grace and caring. Peoples’ lives will be enriched. Simply put, you will feed people.

building a future, nourishing our community